Make your exit polite, easy and fool proof!

Ever felt trapped in an unwanted or awkward situation? DummyDial helps you escape those times by sending a real call or text directly to your phone! Customize the appearance to make it super realistic and believable. Never feel guilty ditching a bad date or boring work meeting again!



Recieve calls/texts immediately for a speedy escape! Or, plan ahead with our countdown timer.


We send real calls and texts, so call screens and text bubbles will always match your phone version!


Edit the appearance of the call or text by simply changing the contacts photo or name!

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Privacy Policy

Why do you need my number? Dummy Dial works by sending real calls and text messages straight to your own phone.

Will my number be shared? No, your number will not be shared.

Dummy Dial will not access, send, or share your number. Your information is safe with us.

Why do you need to access my contacts? Dummy Dial allows you to customize the look of the calls and texts by adding the number used to call or text your device into your contacts, with the name you provide.

You can change / view this contact in your phones contacts at any time.

Entering the name of the contact as “Mom” will appear as though “Mom” is contacting you when you receive a call or text.